Update: 05/08/2020

Following a thorough review of the impact of Coronavirus on the charity’s operations,

it is with a heavy heart that the Board of Trustees has taken the difficult decision to hibernateThe Woodworks Project.

Coronavirus has presented a set of safety and operational challenges, which directly impact our ability to deliver our core objectives safely: to provide meaningful and engaging work through structured upholstery and woodworking sessions in an unpressured environment, without timescales and deadlines; and to support people in our community with learning new skills and making new friends.

The Woodworks Project will go into a period of hibernation, with effect from 24th July 2020. During this time, the charity will undergo a thorough strategic review and restructuring, with the aim of re-opening our doors in 2021.

We are very sad to have to say goodbye for now, but we hope to be back bigger and better than ever! During the hibernation period, the Board of Trustees will be maintaining a small skeleton staff to deal with administrative matters, but we will not be operating our workshop programmes or our shop. Our contact details remain the same, but please do bear with us as our responses may not be timely.

We would like to thank you for your support of the charity and we hope to welcome you back soon!

                              'Handcrafted Futures'