Join the Team!

The Retail Team 

A huge part of our workshop's appeal is the opportunity to be productive, even when your ability to work is restricted. Without our retail team finding new homes for each project, our clients' work would lack purpose.

We try to welcome everyone into this role, and are happy for you to do as much or as little as you'd like. Drop us an email or phone us for a chat about whether we'd be a fit. 

 The Workshop Team

Even our tutors need a hand sometimes! Our workshop volunteers help out with the smaller projects and generally serve as an extra set of hands. For this role, you'll need a little bit of experience in either woodwork or upholstery, and we do ask that you commit to one full day a week so as to maintain stability.

We're in the process of planning a volunteer training scheme to go ahead this year. This way, we'll teach you the necessary skills even if you have no prior knowledge of woodworking or upholstery. If this would be something you'd consider, register your interest below. You'll go onto a specific mailing list only to be contacted about volunteer training opportunities.