What they say!

"I have repeatedly witnessed my clients benefiting from their time at The Woodworks and see it as a unique and vital resource enabling their respective journeys to recovery"

Dr Richard Stanton MBBS MRCPsych, Consultant Psychiatrist, RUH.

"I am writing to you as I wanted to say what a great service you offer for people to help them move forward in their lives. Your service is particularly useful as I am an aftercare drug and alcohol worker and it gives them a unique opportunity to engage in some really worthwhile meaningful occupation at a vital time when they need it most"

Megan Lebasci, Reintergration Champion Worker, DHI

"The Woodworks allows my clients to learn woodwork skills. Developing an understanding of team work, being part of a team, making something of worth and value and building up self-respect in themselves and others. Bath needs places like The Woodworks that allow clients with any disability to build up their self-esteem, respect and confidence and allows them to be part of the community and re-engage with society" 

Chris Appleyard, Senior Community Support Officer, Sirona Care and Health

"I Love coming to The Woodworks Project, its the one thing I do in my week that makes me feel good about myself. Everything else I do seems designed to make me feel rubbish!"

Alice, attends furniture/woodwork group